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Supplying leading products in wrapped bale protection.


At Blue Lake Plastics we understand that your farming operation relies on nutrient-rich, well-preserved forage which is why we only supply superior protection products for your hay, straw, and silage. Through on-going research and development, the bale film and bale tubes we supply are formulated to provide high strength, tear resistance, easy handling, and optimal preservation levels.


Flavor-Seal Bale Film

At Blue Lake Plastics we supply and trust Flavor-Seal, a high performance silage film that delivers high feed value efficiently and profitably. Consistent quality and performance throughout each roll makes it a first-choice bale wrap for many farmers. Made form the finest materials available, Flavor-Seal offers many advantages:


  • Consistent Quality
  • Excellent Stretch Ability
  • Superior Cling
  • White Reflective Film Color
  • UV Resistant



Agriseal Bale Film

Agriseal Silage Film is a premium co-extruded silage film.


  • Agriseal is backed by a 12 month warranty
  • Durable 3-Layer Construction
  • 1mil, 1.2mil, 1.5mil
  • Manufactured in USA



AT Films Lastic Tubes

A Stretch Tube With a Memory

The AT Films Lastic Tube® system is a stretch tube with a memory. Lastic Tubes are the fastest, most economical, convenient, and reliable way to produce baled silage. The system provides a practical way to improve the palatability of soft textured baled silage. This nutritious and digestible feed is especially beneficial when backgrounding calves, while also helping to reduce bloat and other digestive problems.


Save Feed Over Dry Hay

A study conducted by Manitoba Agriculture compared dry hay and baled silage and found a 25% feed savings by using a baled silage feed system. There is less waste associated with baled silage compared to dry hay. Baled silage is readily adaptable to most dry hay systems (such as round bale feeders) and can be unrolled in the field with less leaf loss than dry hay. Chopping and feeding from the Lastic Tube is also an option


Lastic-Tube Benefits are Undeniable

  • The fastest, most efficient way to protect and ensile hay and cereal forages of all types
  • Can be used with round or large square bale systems
  • Bales for silage can be put up at higher moisture - between 40% and 60%, reducing leaf loss and weather delays
  • Because of its unique formulation, the strong, tear-resistant Lastic Tube automatically shrinks down tight against the bale. This eliminates oxygen and creating an air tight environment for fermentation to produce the highest quality silage and keep it that way until required
  • Designed to withstand the harsh North American climate and warranted for 12 months against manufacturer's defects




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