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Twine & Net Wrap

Hay, straw or silage... bale with ultimate strength!


Whether you use twine to bind your square bales or net wrap to bundle your round bales, we have your forage needs covered at Blue Lake Plastics. Available in multiple lengths and sizes, we offer two different types of baler twine and a superior quality netwrap.


Baler Twine

Our baler twine and sisal twine provide the dependability, strength, and consistency you require in every spool. At Blue Lake Plastics we distribute top quality brands of twine. Manufactured with the most modern equipment available, our twine is second to none in quality. As a supplier, we carry all sizes and have a variety of colors available.



Net Wrap

At Blue Lake Plastics we offer the highest quality net wrap available, providing edge-to-edge coverage, resulting in premium protection for your crops. Our net wrap manufacturers use only virgin resins, assuring a consistent and uniform product. We also distribute a reinforced net wrap for use with corn stalks and straw, as well as black netting for use in New Holland Balers.


Our Net Wrap provides the following benefits:

  • Uniformly shaped bales that are more easily transported
  • Full edge-to-edge coverage
  • UV stabilized
  • Water shedding qualities that assist in saving dry matter
  • Ease-of-use - Net wrap is easier to remove from bales than twine
  • Usable in all brands of balers: John Deere, New Holland, Vermeer, Claas, Hesston, Kuhn
  • Guaranteed length with an end-of-roll warning stripe
  • Virgin Polyethylene

No matter what make or model baler you use, our twine and net wrap products have been rigorously tested to meet your performance expectations. At Blue Lake Plastics we offer a full range of twine and net wrap for use in large square, round, and small square balers.


We understand that your goal is to harvest your crops efficiently utilizing quality protective products while undertaking as little expense as possible. Our goal at Blue Lake Plastics is to help you succeed in doing just that. Through cost-effective solutions, advanced engineering and field-tested materials, we confidently supply our customers with the highest quality products for consistent baling results.


Originally the main coverage area for our agricultural products included the five state area of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and North and South Dakota; but today our products are shipped and used all across the country, from the Dakotas to Texas and California to New York. Contact us for additional information or feel free to place your order online.

Round Bale Twine

  • 110 x 20,000
  • 110 x 20,000 - Solar Degradable
  • 130 x 20,000


Brazilian Sisal Twine (Green)

  • 7,200
  • 9,000
  • 16,000
  • 20,000 Binder
  • 26,000 Binder

Small Square Bale Twine

  • 130 x 9,000
  • 170 x 9,600
  • 210 x 6,500


Large Square Bale Twine

  • 350 x 4,000
  • 440 x 4,000
  • 550 x 4,000
  • 600 HD x 3,800

Net Wrap

  • 48" x 9,840'
  • 48" x 13,200'
  • 51" x 9,840'
  • 51" x 12,100'
  • 64" x 7,000'
  • 64" x 7,200'
  • 64" x 9,000'
  • 64" x 9,700'
  • 67" x 9,000'


Black Netting

(for use in New Holland Balers)

  • 48" x 7,000'
  • 64" x 7,000'



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